• Rebar

    NSDI distributes a broad range of reinforcing steel bars:


    #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #14, #18


    20’, 30’, 40’, 60’, call for special order lengths as well


    Grade 40, Grade 60, Grade 75, Grade A706 Weldable, and Stainless


    Plain, Epoxy Coated, and Galvanized

    Plain concrete has compressive strength – the ability to resist crushing loads; however, its tensile strength is only about 10% of its compressive strength. Its tensile strength is so low that it is nearly disregarded in design of most concrete structures. Reinforced concrete is a combination of adequate reinforcement using steel bars (rebar) and concrete designed to work together to resist applied loads. The bond between reinforcing steel bars (rebar) and concrete is strong and efficient. Rebar has surface deformations (ridges) to further improve that bond. Due to the strong bond, the concrete effectively transfers stresses to the steel and vice versa. Concrete is a material high in compression strength and low in tensile strength. Steel, as a material, outperforms concrete 10:1 in compression strength and 100:1 in tension strength. Properly placed reinforcement in concrete improves its compressive and tensile strength. The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar for concrete and steel, so when reinforced concretes freezes or gets hot, the two materials contract and expand similarly. If they didn’t, the combination would tear itself apart over time.

  • Remesh

    NSDI distributes a broad range of welded wire reinforcement (WWR) products in both rolls and sheets:


    6x6, and 4x4


    10ga (1.4), 8ga (2.1), 6ga (2.9), and 4ga (4.0)


    5x150, 6x150 rolls – 5x10, 8x12.5, 8x15, and 8x20 sheets


    Plain, Epoxy Coated, and Galvanized

    When properly placed in concrete slabs on grade, WWR helps reinforce the concrete after cracking and is a critical element in its performance. The wide variety of wire sizes (W1.4 to W/D4) and spacing(s) that are available make it possible to furnish accurate cross-sectional areas of steel required to reinforce residential and light commercial slabs.

  • Concrete Accessories

  • Forming Products

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